г. Москва, проезд завода Серп и Молот, д.3А стр2

м.Площадь Ильича

Тел.+7 (495) 361-33-20
Тел.+7 (985) 724-39-25


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From Aviatornaya metro station:

Output from the last car from the center. Further along the underpass straight up the stairs to the street. Then you can daehat by tram or on foot.

tram number 24, № 37 third stop "Lefortovskiy shaft." Go diagonally across the intersection and follow the shaft towards ul.Lefortovsky Directions Hammer and Sickle. Through 200m. turn right into the courtyard in front of the Institute MGVMI knowledge and follow up two-storey building in a light green color.

From pl.Ilyicha and Rimskaya metro stations Jitney 187m to stop "MGVMI" or 10 minutes walk along ul.Zolotorozhsky shaft. Out of the subway into the city from the last car from the center of the platform, "Hammer and Sickle". Next, go through the underpass under the railway. Coming out of the transition, you can take a taxi to the bus stop 187m "MGVMI", or turn right onto Zolotorozhsky shaft and follow it straight to the junction with Mill travel Hammer and Sickle. At the crossroads turn right onto Mill travel Hammer and Sickle. On your right is the fire and rescue post MOE. At the next junction turn left (before the high-rise building) and after 30m turn left again into the yard and go straight to the building of a light green color. 


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