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Policies hostel "Lefortovskiy"

Dear guests !

Welcome to Hostel "Lefortovskiy". For your convenience, please refer to policy

Estimated time.
Time of arrival (chek-in): 13:00
Time -out (chek-out): 12:00 the next day.

Payment and registration.
Upon check-in we ask you to provide passport information to the administrator of the hostel to check in and pay for all the days of stay. Staying with us less than a day , you pay the full cost of one day living. If you do not have to sleep , you just pay for accommodation !
Persons under 18 years of age have the right to reside only in the company of an adult .
Leaders accompanying the group are responsible for the behavior of groups in a hostel.
Administration hostel reserves the right , subject to availability in the room podselyat guests, regardless of age and sex according to the room category .

In our hostel self ! If you are willing , please wash their dishes , clearing the table. The same applies to the bathroom and toilet. We ask for respect for persons , who have come after you.

Hostel "Lefortovskiy". a zone free from smoking. Smoking in the wrong places will be charged , installed the hostel.

Unauthorized persons residing at the request and with notice of the manager may be in a hostel in the period from 9-00 to 22-00 , subject to the production of the document.

Pay particular attention to the fact that the hostel " Lefortovskiy " is not responsible for the safety of personal valuables left in rooms unattended. Valuable things other than money may be left on during the stay at the reception or closed in the safe.

Please take care of property and equipment of the hostel. In case of loss or damage to property of the hostel should be compensated for their costs in the amount indicated by the hostel .

If you want to stay with us over time, and you already know the exact date of the return , we will be happy to reserve a room for you . For this it is necessary to leave a deposit in the amount of the full cost of one day living. If you want to extend their stay with us , report it at least 12 hours administrator.
If you have booked a place on a certain date , and came in the next day and have not canceled in advance ( by phone or by e -mail no later than 24 hours ) , you must pay for that day in the entire amount .

Curfew " Lefortovskiy " open until 24:00.

Cleaning rooms and bed linen is changed every seven days.
Cleaning in the common areas are cleaned daily.
We ask that you maintain the cleanliness and order, care of the property of our institution , as well as to exercise tact and kindness towards other guests. So we ask you to keep quiet at night !
We ask you to respect other guests staying in the neighboring rooms . It is forbidden to make noise and disturb your neighbors with 23.00-9.00

On-site "Lefortovskiy" prohibited:
- Use strong alcoholic beverages, drugs, smoking ;
- Behave provocatively , making noise , talking loud (especially at night ) , screaming , using foul language , abuse of others ;
- To leave their personal belongings and towels in the common areas (kitchen, bathroom , toilet), so do not leave bags and backpacks in the hallway.
Administration hostel " Lefortovskiy " reserves the right to prematurely terminate the guest's stay in case of finding it in a state of strong alcohol, drugs or any other kind of intoxication (violation of public order ) , without a refund and the same number for the next day.

We reserve the right to refuse accommodation guests:
- Do not have a passport or an equivalent identity document;
- Are in a state of intoxication , not in adequate condition ;
- Interfering comfortable stay of other guests ;
- Strongly disagree with the rules of our institution .

Hostel " Lefortovskiy " not responsible for the operation of urban communications ( blackout , water, heat , etc.).

All hotel guests are required to comply with fire safety regulations.